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General FAQs

126 St Patricks Road, Hatfied, Harare, Zimbabwe
ADI has worked with individuals, companies and other organisations on a number of projects covering all the service offerings. Click here to see out team in action or here to see our list of clients.
Yes. ADI is a registered with the Zimbabwe Registrar of Companies under registration number 6185/2019.


Our Qualified Geologists are experts at finding the best drilling site for your borehole.
We are commited to ensuring that everyone has access to clean water at an affordable cost. Contact Us for more information.


ADI conducts regular assessments of local and regional suppliers to ensure that it brings the best offerings to it valued customers.

Pump Installations

We are committed to giving our clients value in the best possible by offering win win deals with our valued clients. ADI is open for dialogue.


Yes. ADI welcomes everyone to famility in pursuit of ensuring clean water for all.

Solar Boreholes

Yes. Our team has the experience and training to advise our valued clients. We have also established relationships with suppliers locally and regionally to ensure that you get the best deal possible for your installations.

Water Reticulation

Atlanta drilling brings you fresh water to your doorstep. We build a gridwork of pipes, taps, and other fittings to bring your freshwater to your homes, offices, and fields, among others.
Yes. Our team has expert training and experience in water reticulation, giving us a unique advantage to assist you with your design.


Our tanks and tank stands can suit a home, an office, and any project of yours. We provide and install tanks with capacity ranging from 1,000L to 10,000L at your convenience.
Yes. We are well equipped to come to your humble home and install your tanks.