We are equipped to meet your borehole drilling expectations. Our projects range from a depth of 15m to as deep as 90m in pursuit of reliable and clean water for our clients.


We offer absolute non-corrosive borehole casings in various sizes and lengths. Our casings do not only guarantee maximum protection for your borehole but also offer flexibility to match your needs.


We offer a range of pumps from 0.5HP to 3HP. We consider your borehole depth and the distance from your borehole to your tank. Our team is skilled to ensure a perfect installation for you.


We offer borehole rehabilitation, pumping and flushing sand and silt accumulated in your borehole. Our flushing service has a one year warranty to ensure that we give you clean water.


We are happy to help you troubleshoot and solve problems with your boreholes and other water solutions. Our services also extend to water solutions provided by other service providers.

Solar Boreholes

Atlanta Drilling is going green by pursuing solar boreholes that perform as well as the more traditional boreholes. This is a viable solution where there are electricity and fuel shortages.

Water Reticulation

Atlanta drilling brings you fresh water to your doorstep. We build a gridwork of pipes, taps, and other fittings to bring your freshwater to your homes, offices, and fields, among others.

Pumps & Tank Stands

Our tanks and tank stands can suit a home, an office, and any project of yours. We provide and install tanks with capacity ranging from 1,000L to 10,000L at your convenience.

Our Clients